How We Operate

• Our TEAM draws knowledge, experience and best practice from a wide range of backgrounds.
• We have a team with extensive local knowledge and skill gleaned from years to hand-on experience in the field of designing marketing and communication.
• We also have a dynamic heritage of international brand experience draw from across Africa and other tech-rich markets, while working multi-national and local brands.

Our Tools:
We use innovation out-of-the-box media tools in our investigation and analysis of brand channel opportunities:
• Day in the life
• Mind maps
• Full circle
• Spear (Search, probe, explore, aggregate, review)
• Sponsorship continuum
• Our CRAVE (Content, Research, Administration, verification, and Enhancement)
• 7i’s (information, insight, idea, imperatives, interrogation, implementation, inspection)
• Post Buy Analysis (PBA) etc

The Khalifa Investments Africa services are not solely about discounts and added value/exposure.
Our Excellence is about:
• Well organized trade shows and exhibitions
• Using our legal department to facilitate due diligence on companies that wish to represent your goods and services.
• Negotiating best value
• Accountable implementation
• Effective and efficient buyers
• Insightful analysis and management.
We deliver this with unequaled enthusiasm and passion.

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